Automate the Request and Draft Phase of Your Contracts with Contract Corridor: A Must-Read for IT Leaders

IT and contracts

Automate the Request and Draft Phase of Your Contracts with Contract Corridor: A Must-Read for IT Leaders

IT and contracts
In the technology-driven landscape where IT departments operate, contracts play a vital role, often serving as the backbone of partnerships, projects, and procurement. However, it’s no secret that IT professionals prefer to focus on innovating solutions rather than getting bogged down with contractual formalities. This is where Contract Corridor steps in to revolutionize Step 1 of your Contract Lifecycle Management: Request and Draft.

The Pains of Traditional Contract Request and Drafting in IT

Navigating through the initial stage of contract management-comprising contract requests, precise drafting, and risk reviews - can be both time-consuming and cumbersome. As much as IT professionals want to engage in activities that directly impact technology and innovation, the conventional process can divert critical resources and time. Here's how Contract Corridor streamlines this often daunting first step.

1. Effortless Contract Requests with Contract Corridor

What Contract Corridor Offers:
  • Automated Request Forms: With the platform’s intuitive design, you can easily fill in standardized forms that capture all necessary details, ensuring nothing is left out.
  • Template-Driven Objectives: Contract Corridor offers pre-set templates that align with common IT contractual needs, from vendor services to cloud storage solutions.
How It Helps IT Professionals:
  • Focus on Technology: Instead of getting lost in procedural formalities, your focus remains on technical specifications and requirements.
  • Fast-Track Approvals: Automated workflows ensure that the request rapidly reaches the relevant decision-makers, significantly cutting down wait times.

2. Precision Drafting Powered by AI

What Contract Corridor Offers:
  • AI-Enabled Drafting Tools: Leverage artificial intelligence to auto-fill critical contract elements, such as scope of work, deliverables, and deadlines.
  • Legal Compliance: The AI engine has been trained to align the draft with prevalent legal norms and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of oversight.
How It Helps IT Professionals:
  • Minimal Manual Errors: AI-driven automation significantly lowers the likelihood of human errors.
  • Efficient Use of Time: What would usually take hours, now takes minutes, freeing IT professionals to focus on core responsibilities.

3. AI-Enhanced Risk Review

What Contract Corridor Offers:
  • Automated Risk Assessment: The platform’s AI runs a comprehensive risk analysis, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in the contract.
  • Expert Consultation: Through the platform, you can easily flag and consult legal advisors or other experts for specific reviews, all within the same workflow.
How It Helps IT Professionals:
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation: By identifying potential pitfalls early, Contract Corridor aids in proactive risk management.
  • Collaborative Review: Centralizes all expert opinions in one place, enabling easy revisions and fast-tracking the approval process.
Elevate your contract management process with Contract Corridor. Experience firsthand how our AI-powered features can bring unparalleled efficiency to your contract lifecycle. Speak to one of our experts today to find out more here +27 11 719 2000, or book some time with us here: SPEAK TO US.

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