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Contract Corridor, your AI-powered co-pilot, facilitates next generation contract management enabling enterprises to automate the entire contract lifecycle. Developed by Legal Interact, the solution enables enterprises to automate content creation, negotiation, storage, and obligation tracking. Experience improved productivity, minimized risks and enhanced collaboration.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

in 5 Steps

Pre-Signature/Matter Manager

1. Request and Draft

Initiate the process with a new contract request, draft it with precision, and review potential risks.

2. Collaborate and Negotiate

Work together with stakeholders and negotiate terms that align with your goals.

3. Control and Finalize

Implement online version control, make essential changes, and finalize with countersignatures.

Post-Signature/Contract Manager

4. Store and Organize

Load finalized contracts into a repository, categorizing appropriately, and extract pertinent information and clauses.

5. Monitor and Manage

Initiate the process with a new contract request, draft it with precision, and review potential risks.

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Laying the Foundation: Initiating Contracts with Transparency and Precision

In the critical phase of requesting and drafting contracts, precision and foresight lay the groundwork for success.

Drafting the Future: How Contract Corridor Elevates the First Stage of Contract Management

Every contract starts with a request and a draft. These initial steps set the tone for the rest of the contract's lifecycle.

Empowering Operations: How Contract Corridor's AI Shapes the Contract Request and Drafting Process

The initial stage of contract management - "Request and Draft" - is where operational leaders can truly leverage Contract Corridor's AI-powered platform to streamline processes

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