The new generation of contract lifecycle management

From drafting and negotiation to monitoring and renewal, Contract Manager streamlines operations using AI to extract key details from signed contracts. This ensures effective obligation management and boosts the value derived from contracts throughout the entire contract lifecycle.
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Your AI powered
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contract lifecycle management

10 Steps in detail

Pre-Signature/Matter Manager Steps

Step 1: Request a new contract

Submit your contract requirements directly through the portal, eliminating back-and-forth communication.

Step 2.1: Use our contract & draft a contract

Contract authoring tools provide templates, clauses and pre-approved language for creating contracts.

Step 2.2: Review a 3rd party contract & review risks

An advanced AI engine automatically reviews 3rd party contracts to identify risks, providing significant benefits for organizations.

Step 3: Collaborate and negotiate

Negotiate against the backdrop of identified risks and collaborate in real-time with multiple stakeholders.

Step 4: Online version control and track changes

Contract authoring tools provide templates, clauses and pre-approved language for creating contracts.

Step 5: Finalize & countersign contract

Integration with electronic signature platforms facilitate the signing and execution of contracts digitally.

Post-Signature/Contract Manager Steps

Step 6: Load contract into repository

Upload contracts into pre-determined repositories, ensuring that they are easily retrievable.

Step 7: Extract pertinent information and clauses

Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) and AI to automatically extract critical information.

Step 8: Automatic reminders for known events

Generate alerts based on extracted information, such as options to renew or termination dates.

Step 9: Proactively manage unknown events

Receive real-time notifications together with event monitoring and detection to continuously monitor contract-related activities and events.

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