Client Type: Financial institution

Our client, an esteemed financial institution, was grappling with the challenge of managing an extensive and diverse portfolio of contracts. These were scattered across various platforms, leading to disorganisation and a lack of cohesive strategy to actively track obligations and deliverables. The inconsistency was affecting efficiency, risk management, and overall transparency within the organisation.
Finance and Banking Contracts

Client Type: Law firm

Our client is a large organisation in the legal industry with a vast portfolio of legal agreements. As they operate in an industry where legal contracts are paramount to their business operations, efficient management of these documents is a critical aspect of our client’s work and crucial to their department’s success.
Legal document management

Client Type: Commercial Property Management

Our client, a thriving commercial property management company, was responsible for handling an extensive portfolio of approximately 200 lease agreements for a large pharmaceutical chain. These agreements encompassed a myriad of obligations, opportunities, and legal complexities that demanded vigilant oversight. The manual tracking and consolidation of this data had become administratively burdensome, fraught with human error, and misalignment in both pre- and post-signature stages.
Property Management operations and contracts

Client Type: Property Management

Our client, a prominent property management firm, manages an extensive portfolio of lease agreements. They have sophisticated property management software in place to manage the various leases, but the challenge lies in ensuring the accuracy of the data within the software which could potentially affect their sales targets and have other negative consequences. The complexities of verifying and consolidating information across hundreds of lease agreements required a robust and sophisticated solution that could not only validate the data but also highlight specific clauses for risk assessment.

Property Sales Contracts

Client Type: Company operating in a highly regulated Industry

Our client, a well-established company operating in a highly regulated industry, found themselves grappling with intricate and cumbersome risk and compliance procedures. Managing a vast array of litigation matters and contracts, they faced systemic inefficiencies that threatened their compliance and risk management performance.

Compliance and Risk Management with Contract Corridor

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