AI as ‘the great enabler’ at the heart of Microsoft CEMA Partner Summit 2023

Raphael Segal, Director at Legal Interact, recently returned from the Microsoft CEMA Partner Summit 2023 in Greece, where he networked and collaborated with leading tech experts from across Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. He also joined a panel discussion where he shared insights into the latest tech advancements transforming legal processes.

Real-Time Speech to Text at Your Fingertips!

Experience the convenience of drafting documents on a unified platform with dictation and microphone functionalities. Effortlessly convert speech to text with remarkable accuracy and precision. Discover how this feature can revolutionise your contract management by clicking on the video link to learn more

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Translation Made Easy Without Losing the Format!

In a globalised world, effective communication is key. Our translation tool ensures that you can quickly and accurately interpret foreign-language documents without compromising on their format. Discover how this feature empowers you to understand and process foreign documents seamlessly. Click the link to learn more

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Invoice Capturing at Lightning Speed!

Streamline your invoicing process with a single click! Select line items, apply billing guidelines, and watch your productivity soar. Save time, expedite invoice output, and achieve more with less effort. Click the link to learn more about how precision invoice ingestion will revolutionise your operations

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Tackle Unstructured Documents with Ease!

Unify your document data, regardless of industry or platform variations. Our Unstructured Documents tool swiftly extracts crucial information and presents it in an easily digestible format for seamless processing. Dive into our video to discover more

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