Utilizing Legal Technology in Law Firms: Insights from Levin Tatanis Inc.

Utilizing Legal Technology in Law Firms: Insights from Levin Tatanis Inc.

One of the panellists who shared the stage with Legal Interact at the recent Legal Innovation and Tech Fest was Shelly Tatanis, Director at the prestigious law firm Levin Tatanis Inc., who provided valuable insights into the real impact of incorporating legal technology within her own practice as well as her practice management systems. Here's an insightful overview of her contribution to the discussion:

Overcoming Resistance in Implementing Legal Technology Through Identifying Department Champions and Partner Buy-In

Strategically identifying champions from each department within a business, and how these individuals then help bridge communication gaps and facilitate a smoother transition, is vital to the implementation of legal tech. Similarly, aligning with key decision-makers early in the process, not only provides essential support, but also sets a positive tone for the entire team.

Key Management Strategies in Legal Tech

Never underestimate the power of worry as a catalyst for success. As a Director and leader within the firm, implementing legal technology can assist to understand the needs of staff, allowing one to scale down to precisely what was required, effectively making the system an invaluable tool for monitoring productivity and effective practice management systems.

Using Analytics to Power Legal Operations and Practice Management Systems

Through analytics and a well-crafted dashboard, a firm can gain real-time insights into crucial metrics, such as the number of new matters, trials set, and the status of files in each department. The analytical insights effectively facilitated strategic and informed decision-making across all departments, from tracking new matters to identifying dormant files.

In addition, having a trusted tech vendor, such as Legal Interact, can also assist to enhance the effectiveness and depth of the analytics implementation.

Shelly's Strategic File Management: Enhancing Efficiency

Moving from a single-file approach to having multiple views within the business facilitates the inclusion of different perspectives and provides for more efficient collaboration among team members.

The ability to share files and the viewability of files also results in a notable increase in turnaround time. This shift optimizes processes, allowing for quicker decision-making and action.

The implementation of a legal tech system also improves client communication. SMS notifications enable a firm to keep clients consistently updated, fostering transparency and trust.

In the dynamic landscape of legal tech innovation, the experiential insights from law firms play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative. Their practical perspectives on the tangible benefits of integrating legal technology within their practices add a crucial layer of understanding to the broader discussion.

The collaboration between Levin Tetanus and Legal Interact exemplifies how technology proves to streamline legal operations and practice management systems, fostering innovation through strategic partnerships.

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