Unlocking Success in the Legal Industry as a Tech Vendor

Unlocking Success in the Legal Industry as a Tech Vendor

Legal Interact recently participated in a panel discussion at the 2023 Legal Innovation and Tech Fest, where industry leaders shared insights into navigating the challenges of implementing new software in law firms, such as practice management systems. Raphael Segal, Director at Legal Interact, joined this panel together with Shelly Tatanis, Director of Levin Tatanis Inc, and Alan De Costa, of RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers. Here’s a summary of Raph’s contributions:

Data Dynamics: Simplify software with client input and collaboration

The tech vendor plays a vital role in gathering and manoeuvring data. Creating tailored workflows and layering dashboards over data are essential components in state-of-the-art legal sector tech. "Simplicity is not what you put in, it's what you take out,” said Segal. Streamlining software with client input is paramount for success.

Human-Tech Synergy: Balance digital efficiency with a human touch

"Digital when you want it, but human when you need it" is a philosophy that has been adopted at Legal Interact. The role of technology is to enhance, not replace, the human touch, which is why a support team on the ground to assist clients is critical. Moreover, successful onboarding, in particular, will always require a human touch. "Onboarding is where the human touch shines, and our team excels at helping clients see the broader vision," Raphael shared.

Power of Partnership: The bigger picture

The tech vendor must partner with clients paint the “bigger picture” and understand the next steps in integrating legal tech into their business. Sharing the broader vision and assisting clients in envisioning the possibilities of the technology is key to fostering successful partnerships.

Customization and Listening: Be an adept listener

Acknowledging software customization, Raphael emphasized the need to be adept listeners, tweaking elements according to the user's needs is crucial for success.

Best Practices and Inspiration: Building champions

Tech vendors play a crucial role in ensuring adherence to best practices. We must be inspiring champions and leaders in the industry to foster acceptance.

Human-Lawyer Co-Pilot: Energy and passion

Technology has a role to play as a co-pilot to the human lawyer. Legal tech exists to co-create, and support the human-lawyer in their practice management systems. We must cultivate a renewed vibrancy and enthusiasm within the legal tech landscape, in the realm of co-piloting with human-lawyers.

Test, Improve, Iterate: A philosophy of constant improvement

Feedback plays a significant role in the software development process. It not only enhances the product, but also ensures it aligns with user needs.

Raphael also l provided a glimpse into the innovative features and capabilities of the AI Lawyer, created by Legal Interact and Legal&Tax:

Matter-Centric Workflow: The AI Lawyer is designed to be matter-centric, offering a unified platform for all aspects of the legal workflow.

Collaborative Eco-System: Legal professionals can work together seamlessly with the use of this tech system. This collaborative approach extends to audits and traceability, creating a transparent and accountable environment.

Microsoft Azure Platform: The Microsoft Azure platform ensures a robust and secure foundation. Together with tracking capabilities, it provides a comprehensive solution for secure data management.

AI-Driven Contract and Risk Reviews: The AI Lawyer effectively facilitates contract and risk reviews. This advanced capability has proven to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of legal processes.

You can learn more about the AI Lawyer here or contact us to talk to one of our team.

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