Legal Interact discuss Change Management and AI at the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest

Legal Interact discuss Change Management and AI at the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest

In a dynamic session at the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest, industry experts Shelley Tatanis from Levin Tatanis, Alan Da Costa from RAM, and Raphael Segal, Director, gathered to discuss their different experiences with AI-powered contract management. The panel, moderated by Leah Molatseli, Head of Business Development at Legal Interact, delved into the nuances of change management and technological adoption.

Shelley Tatanis began by addressing the initial challenges at Levin Tatanis. She highlighted the natural resistance to change, noting that transparency in communication played a crucial role in overcoming apprehension.

Alan Da Costa’s experience at RAM showcased a different hurdle - the complexity of existing processes and data. You must input quality data to receive quality outputs. He emphasized the importance of demonstrating the system's benefits to get executive buy-in.

Raphael Segal brought an additional tech vendor perspective, focusing on the broader implications of integrating AI in legal processes. He underscored the importance of a holistic approach, integrating technological solutions with organizational culture.

The conversation then shifted to the strategies for securing executive buy-in. Tatanis stressed the importance of presenting a vision of growth and efficiency enabled by AI solutions, while Da Costa highlighted the role of demonstrating immediate and strategic benefits.

Regarding the impact of the AI-powered Contract Corridor, all panellists agreed on its significant positive effects. Tatanis noted improved efficiency relating to operations, Da Costa praised its data-driven decision-making capabilities.

The session, expertly steered by Molatseli, concluded with a unified message: the journey towards AI integration in contract management is an ongoing process of learning, adaptation, and embracing change.

 The insights shared by Tatanis, Da Costa, and Segal provided a comprehensive roadmap for legal professionals navigating the path of digital transformation, emphasizing the blend of technology, people, and processes. Their collective experiences offered a rich source of knowledge for law firms and corporate legal departments ready to embark on their own journeys of technological adoption and change management.

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