Data Mastery using Legal Tech: Insights from Alana De Costa

Utilizing Legal Technology in Law Firms: Insights from Levin Tatanis Inc

Data Mastery using Legal Tech: Insights from Alana De Costa

Utilizing Legal Technology in Law Firms: Insights from Levin Tatanis Inc

Another panelist who shared the stage with Legal Interact at the Legal Innovation and Tech Fest was Alan De Costa, a legal professional and attorney from RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers. Providing valuable insights into his practical experience of implementing Legal Tech in business, he focused on the importance of harnessing accurate data, practicing strategic leadership, and maximizing the use of contract management software

Harnessing the Power of Rich Data: Insights from Alan at the Recent Panel Discussion

Alan emphasized the classic principle - "Garbage In, Garbage Out." Accurate data is the cornerstone of an effective change management system. The quality of your data directly influences the effectiveness of your system, making it imperative to tackle data accuracy from the start.

In this endeavor, identifying a champion in each department is key for driving successful change. It's not just about the ‘quantity’ but also the ‘quality’ of the information. Having dedicated champions in each department empowers sound decision-making and ensures that the system contributes meaningfully to organizational goals.

Another beneficial consequence of the data-centric approach, is that by embracing legal tech wholeheartedly, it is possible to significantly reduce paper costs. "Getting it right upfront allows you to truly utilize the system to benefit you and the organization," Alan aptly summarized.

Strategic Leadership in Legal Tech: Panel Insights

Alan found success in securing buy-in for the utilization of legal tech through rallying support from the Human Resources, Legal, and Claims Management teams. Identifying ‘champions’ in each department is instrumental in overcoming resistance and fostering acceptance among team members, and so too is being persistent in creating strategic alliances within the organization.

Comprehensive training programs are also essential to unlock and utilize the full range of legal tech functions.

Alan's AI Discovery Revolution: Streamlining Legal Processes

Advanced AI-supported legal tech allows you to input various documents, including emails, into its system. The beauty of this AI-driven system was its ability to act not only as a document repository but also as an intelligent information source.

With a few keywords, the AI system can perform a comprehensive Discovery process. The efficiency of this technology is awe-inspiring, extracting relevant information from the vast array of legal documents involved in the Discovery process. Beyond this, it also provides intelligent summaries of the content within each document, offering a quick overview of the matter.

Alan's overarching message: embracing technology, such as those provided by Legal Interact, not only streamlines processes but also significantly eases the pressure on a legal professional's life.

Alan's Strategic Data Integration: Enhancing Contract Management

Proactive reminders for events like annual renewals or expiry dates provide stakeholders with timely insights and prevent costly oversights.

The integration of renewal and expiry dates offers stakeholders valuable insights into Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and lease terms. This foresight allows for informed decision-making regarding

Alan's approach truly supports and aligns with our vision at Legal Interact, enhances operational efficiency and facilitates proactive decision-making in the detailed landscape of legal contracts.

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