AI as ‘the great enabler’ at the heart of Microsoft CEMA Partner Summit 2023

AI as ‘the great enabler’ at the heart of Microsoft CEMA Partner Summit 2023

Raphael Segal, Director at Legal Interact, recently returned from the Microsoft CEMA Partner Summit 2023 in Greece, where he networked and collaborated with leading tech experts from across Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. He also joined a panel discussion where he shared insights into the latest tech advancements transforming legal processes.

Tech for Good: Reshaping legal processes with AI

At the event, Raphael described how AI is the 'brainpower' that is perfectly tailored to benefit the South African public. Using the AI Lawyer as an example, Raphael further explained that by curating South African legislation with AI, the potential for legal support in the country will be unparalleled, and become a reality.

He envisions the AI platform as a legal co-pilot that’s “digital when you want it, human when you need it”, combining digital efficiency with human expertise. In turn, this provides us with the best of both worlds, and amplifies access to legal resources across South Africa.

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Illuminating the Path towards an Impactful Digital Launch

Leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform ensures that AI Lawyer is continuously available, making it a 24/7 accessible resource. Discussed in depth at the event, Raphael explained how the sales angle emphasizes the transformative power of focusing on "AI for good," especially in communities where access to justice is particularly needed.

Expressing his gratitude for the unwavering support of Microsoft, and through this support, the launch will transcend technology; centering on democratizing legal resources and empowering lawyers, organizations, and the public, and representing a significant leap forward in fostering access to justice for all.

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Ethical use of AI critical

Raphael placed particular importance on the ethical and responsible use of AI. Using the AI Lawyer as an example, he explained how curating content from legislation with AI can be used to ensure accuracy and compliance, while subscribing to the principles of fair use, governance, and AI compliance standards.

A robust gateway protects the AI Lawyer against misuse by bad-faith actors, highlighting the responsibility of, and his commitment to, upholding ethical boundaries in the AI-powered legal landscape.

Raphael acknowledged that the AI revolution in the legal sector is an ongoing journey, a continuous evolution in refining methods and delivering accurate, ethical, and responsible AI-driven legal solutions.

Watch the video for Raphael’s take on AI ethical considerations at the Microsoft CEMA Event

An important conversation on an importance stage. Thank you to our partners at Microsoft for hosting us in Greece. It was great meeting and connecting with so many like-minded enthusiasts, and we look forward to connecting at the CEMA Partner Summit in 2024.

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