Client Type: Property Management

Property Management operations and contracts

Client Overview

Our client, a thriving commercial property management company, was responsible for handling an extensive portfolio of approximately 200 lease agreements for a large pharmaceutical chain. These agreements encompassed a myriad of obligations, opportunities, and legal complexities that demanded vigilant oversight. The manual tracking and consolidation of this data had become administratively burdensome, fraught with human error, and misalignment in both pre- and post-signature stages.

The Problem

Our client's challenges were extensive and affected their operations dramatically:

1. Tracking and Consolidation Challenges: With 200 diverse lease agreements, the administrative and operational work of tracking obligations and opportunities within these contracts was error-prone and time-consuming, leaving our client vulnerable to contractual oversight.

2. Pre-Signature Inefficiency: The absence of a coherent system to manage lease negotiations, documentation, and ancillary activities pre-signature led to missed opportunities, delays, and potential legal inconsistencies.

3. Post-Signature Decision-Making Barriers: Lacking a consolidated view of contractual data post-signature, decision-making was fragmented and suboptimal, impacting our client's strategic planning, cost efficiency and their general operations.

4. Unidentified Risks: Without a systematic method to highlight and analyse potential risks associated with their lease agreements, our client faced the ongoing threat of unexpected legal, financial and operational challenges.

The Solution: Contract Corridor

Contract Corridor was introduced as an all-encompassing solution:

1. Comprehensive Tracking and Consolidation: Leveraging cutting-edge automation and AI, Contract Corridor enabled real-time tracking and consolidation of data across the lease agreements, transforming a once cumbersome process into an efficient, error-free operation.

2. Efficient Pre-Signature Management: The solution provided tools to streamline document management and facilitate transparent tracking of negotiations and ancillary activities before agreement signature, aligning all parties involved.

3. Enhanced Post-Signature Analysis: Contract Corridor offered robust analytical tools that provided an overview of contractual obligations and opportunities post-signature, enabling more strategic and cost-effective decision-making.

4. Strategic Risk Highlighting: By systematically identifying and highlighting potential risks, the solution offered insights into areas that required immediate attention, allowing the client to act proactively.

5. Integration with Existing Systems: Contract Corridor was designed to work in harmony with our client's existing systems, ensuring a seamless transition and enhancing overall efficiency without significant changes to their established workflow.

The Results

The implementation of Contract Corridor yielded significant benefits:

- Robust Accuracy: Automation ensured that human error was virtually eliminated, and all contractual obligations and opportunities were accurately captured.

- Pre-Signature Transformation: The once chaotic pre-signature phase became organised and streamlined, fostering faster negotiations and well-aligned agreements.

- Strategic Post-Signature Insights: With consolidated data at their fingertips, the client's decision-making became more strategic and aligned with long-term goals.

- Risk Management Excellence: The ability to identify and mitigate risks proactively provided a safeguard against potential liabilities, protecting our client's interests.

- Overall Cost Reduction: By automating and streamlining various processes, Contract Corridor contributed to a substantial reduction in administrative costs, freeing resources for more valuable endeavors.


The success of Contract Corridor in this scenario underlines the power of modern contract management solutions in handling complex leasing portfolios. It demonstrates how technology can transform traditional, labor-intensive processes into dynamic, strategic operations, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and overall business performance.

Our Contract Corridor solution is a vivid testament to the potential of intelligent contract management solutions in today's fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape.

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